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  Job posting 2021
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The CoSPE (Center of Sustainable process engineering; of Hankyong National University in Korea has an opening for two PhD or two Master candidates (or one research fellow). The positions will open from September 1st, 2021.
Hankyong National University ( is located in the Anseong city about 50 km south from Seoul, Korea. The CoSPE in the Department of Chemical Engineering focuses on modeling, simulation and optimization of chemical and biological processes.
The candidate will be funded with average 1,600 $/month (in fact, 1,800 kWon/month) for PhD, and 1,400 $/month (in fact, 1,500 kWon/month) for Master including taxes. Depending on professional career for a research fellow, the amount of his grant is adjustable up to 2,300 $/month (in fact, 2,500 kWon/month). The medical insurance is covered for him and his family under the university condition. The life expense including tuition fee, accommodation, and meals for one person may not exceed to 1,000 kWon/month.
In order to receive consideration for this position, applicants should send the following documents by email to within May 15, 2021:
    1) a full CV including the class name and its score obtained in all courses (i.e., academic transcripts of undergraduate, master, or/and PhD courses), teaching experience (lecture name, duration, etc.), if any, publication lists (master or/and PhD theses, journal publications in English, conference presentations, etc.) and project lists performed so far.
    2) cover letter. 
    3) three professional references (only name, address and email, not their letters).


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