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   ● Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Gas phase (G)   Liquid phase (L)   Gas-liquid phase (GL)   Gas-solid phase (GS)   Gas-Liquid-Liquid phase (GLL)

Gas phase CFD 

1. SNCR-SCR NOx removal in the municipal incinerators: NOx removal from flue gas, Turbulent reactive flow CFD simulation with discrete droplet model in gas phase (Nguyen et al., 2009, Chem. Eng. J., 152, p36-43).

2. Coal gasification in an entrained-bed: 3D turbulent reactive flow CFD model, Coal combustion and gasification on char in solid phase, Water-gas shift reactions in gas phase, Steady-state simulation

3. Gas distributors of amine absorber (Pham et al., Korean J. Chem. Eng., 2018): Steady-state Eulerian CFD model with turbulence for rectangular and Shoepentoeter gas distributors

  ss ss  
  [Standard gas distributor]

[ Shoepentoeter gas distributor]

4. SMR reactor for H2 production (Ngo et al., Appl. Energy, 2018): Steady-state Eulerian CFD combined with chemical reaction

5. Low temperature carbonization furnace (Pham et al., Chem. Eng. Res. Des., 2017)
  [ LTF for PAN-based carbon fiber]



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