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    ● Renewable energy process simulation

The three processes of renewable energy are considered for techno-economic analysis.
- Bioethanol production
- Biogas production
- Bio-oil production
  [Bio-oil production from palm EFB]

  [Power generation via gasification from biomass]

  [Bioethanol production from palm EFB]

Truong X. Do, Young-Il Lim*, and Heejung Yeo (2014), Economic analysis of bio-oil production process from empty fruit bunches, Energy Convers. Manage., 80, 525-534.

Truong Xuan Do, Young-il Lim*, Heejung Yeo, Uen-do Lee, Young-tai Choi, and Jae-Hun Song (2014), Techno-economic analysis of power generation plant with fluidized-bed gasification from woodchips, Energy, 70, 547-560.

Truong Xuan Do, Young-il Lim*, Sungsoo Jang, Hwa-Jee Chung, and Yong-Wook Lee (2015), Hierarchical economic potentials for techno-economic evaluation applied to bioethanol production from palm empty fruit bunches (EFB), Bioresource technol., submitted.

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