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    ● Amine absorber CFD

A porous media CFD model is developed for amine absorber with structured-packing, including porous resistance, gas-liquid momentum exchange, and liquid dispersion. The mass transfer between two phases and chemical reaction in liquid phase are involved and the pressure drop, liquid holdup and CO2 concentration are obtained from the CFD model. Effects of the ship tilting and motion will be identified by this CFD model.

  [CO2 removal in ship motion]   [Amine absorber in ship motion]

● Dung A. Pham, Young-Il Lim*, Hyunwoo Jee, Euisub Ahn, and Youngwon Jung (2015), Porous media Eulerian computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model of amine absorber with structured-packing for CO2 removal, Chem. Eng. Sci, accepted

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