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    ● Fluidized-bed CFD

Hydrodynamics of gas and solid particles are realized in fluidized-beds by using CFD. Some examples solved by ANSYS Fluent (ANSYS, USA) are shown below

           [CPFD Simulation for fluidized-bed]

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Thanh D.B. Nguyen, Myung Won Seo, Young-Il Lim*, Byung-Ho Song, Sang-Done Kim (2012), CFD simulation with experiments in a dual circulating fluidized bed gasifier, Comput. Chem. Eng., 36(1), p48-56.

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● Son Ich Ngo,Young-Il Lim*, Byung-Ho Song, Uen-Do Lee, and Jae-Hun Song (2015), Effects of fluidization velocity on solid stack volume in a bubbling fluidized-bed with nozzle-type distributor, Powder Technology, 275, 188-198.

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