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Center of Sustainable Process Engineering


  ● Introduction
The initiative of process engineering is now moving toward sustainable process engineering (SPE). The sustainable society is asking more refined technology considering both global environment and quality of life. SPE creates a future value using experience and knowledge accumulated in the field of chemical engineering, taking into account technological, economical, environmental, and social factors in the beginning stage of process development.

CoSPE (center of sustainable process engineering) concerns
  - Process modeling, simulation, and data mining
  - Process design, synthesis, and optimization
  - Energy-efficient process development
  - Renewable energy-related process development

CoSPE is together with excellent researchers and experts who perform process simulation, CFD (computational fluid dynamics), molecular simulation using tools such as ASPEN Plus, gProms, ANSYS Fluent, Comsol Multiphysics, and Material Studio.
With the vision of the world-leading research center in SPE, CoSPE continues to go forward.


Address: CoSPE, Room number 412-2, Academy-Industry Cooperation Building, Hankyong National University, Anseong 456-749 Korea
Phone: 031 678 4705, Fax: 031 670 5209, E-mail: limyi@hknu.ac.kr              
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