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    ● Process modeling

First-principle models and/or data-driven models are needed a priori in order to simulate dynamics or steady-state behaviors of chemical and biological processes.
   Ammonia emission prediction by ANN (articial newral network)


● Moon, Y. S., Lim, Y.-I.*, Tae-Wan Kim (2007), Prediction of ammonia emission rate from field-applied animal manure using the artificial neural network, Kor. Chem. Eng. Res., 45 (2), 133-142 (in Korean).

● Lim, Y.-I.*, Moon, Y.-S. and Kim, T.-W. (2007), Artificial neural network approach for prediction of ammonia emission from field-applied manure and relative significance assessment of ammonia emission factors, Europ. J. Agronomy, 26, 425–434.

Biomass gasification modeling by quasi-equilibriumn thermodynamic model


● Thanh D. B. Nguyen, Young-Il Lim*, Byung-Ho Song, Si-Moon Kim, Yong-Jin Joo, and Dal-Hong Ahn (2010), Two-stage equilibrium model applicable to the wide range of operating conditions in entrained-flow coal gasifiers, Fuel, 89, 3901-3910.

● Son Ich Ngo, Thanh D. B. Nguyen, Young-Il Lim*, Byung-Ho Song, Uen-Do Lee, Young-Tai Choi, Jae-Hun Song (2011), Performance evaluation for dual circulating fluidized-bed steam gasifier of biomass using quasi-equilibrium three-stage gasification model, Applied Energy, 88(12), p5208-5220.

● Young-Il Lim*, and Uen-Do Lee (2014), Quasi-equilibrium thermodynamic model with empirical equations for air-steam biomass gasification in fluidized-beds, Fuel Processing Technology, 128, 199-210.

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